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    I don’t see that you’ve answered this question in any of the previous posts –

    It appears that the smaller cul-de-sacs and parking areas throughout the development are NOT scheduled to be re-paved and are not part of the contract with Briggs.  Only the “main” roads and parking areas are being addressed.

    Is this the case?


    -Not a paving expert




    This is a rumor that keeps popping up and not sure where it’s coming from, but here’s the official explanation.  The cul-de-sacs, the roads, the parking lots, parking areas, every piece of asphalt that Round Hill owns to the extent that it touches driveways is in scope of this project.  Some of the areas haven’t been milled yet and/or won’t be milled because it all depends on the pitch and level of the road, whether transitions need to be made to adjoining areas, and the general condition of the road.

    The final layers of asphalt haven’t been laid yet because of the challenge with the lower than normal temperatures.




    Got it – thanks for the clarification.



    Hi Jeremy,

    Just had an impromptu conversation with some of our neighbors, October 29th, about what is up with the paving project.

    Haven’t seen much activity recently.

    Haven’t even seen any Briggs Trucks for a while?

    Any new updates on the project, timelines, etc.








    Hey Charlie,

    I know you followed up with an email and that I had already responded to you, but for anyone else reading the work is still ongoing and very much continues.

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