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    I wanted to give everyone an update on what’s happening with the paving. I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many of you in person or via email and I know there’s some questions, confusions, and even some really wild speculations. I’d also like to remind everyone that weather permitting we have a waiver from the Town of Fishkill that allows us to park along Ridge, Valley, and Chestnut until November 18th.

    Let’s start with the good news up front. The final layer of asphalt on Bayberry is finished, so if you’re wondering what your road will look like when it’s completed, please take a drive through Bayberry. People have made comments that if an area wasn’t milled that it’s not part of the project, or that the first layer of asphalt is all the road is going to get, or that Briggs is skipping the small shared/common areas that lead to your driveway. Those are all false rumors! Not all areas need to be milled, there is another layer of asphalt going down, and Briggs is going to be paving up to the end of each driveway.

    Now that you have a clearer idea of the scope of the work, the honest truth is that we’re behind schedule because of the weather and some unforeseen challenges that we’ve been working through. As you might recall, we planned to start October 1st, but we were delayed a week because of the rain. The rain just doesn’t seem to end and unfortunately you can’t pave in the rain or do proper excavation work on catch basins when the ground is completely saturated. The other issue with the weather is the temperature that seemed to plummet as soon as we got started. Asphalt goes down onto the road at several hundred degrees and the colder the air temperature is, the faster the asphalt cools, which slows everything down significantly.

    As if the constant rain and cold temperatures aren’t challenging enough, there are issues with the catch basins. As part of the project, Briggs is replacing the catch basin lids. The problem is that almost all of the catch basin boxes (what the lids sit on top of) are really old and in various states of deterioration. Fortunately a few of the catch basin boxes only needed minor masonry work. Unfortunately there were a few where when the old lid was lifted up, the sides of the box crumbled and collapsed. Briggs is doing the job right and repairing/replacing the catch basin boxes as they go, but those unexpected repairs have cost us time.

    Another issue that we’ve run into are areas where there is nothing under the existing asphalt, which was only discovered during the milling. Not sure who put down the original asphalt, but in some areas they cut every corner they possibly could and put down only about a half inch layer of asphalt directly onto dirt. Clearly that is unacceptable and the right way to fix it is to excavate it and put down a proper thickness of base material and asphalt, which is what will happen, but that too is going to take extra time.

    While time is not on our side right now, we’re also not racing to beat the weather and compromising the work in the process. Briggs is going to keep working as long as they reasonably can and then they will likely have to finish up in the spring. I have already had the discussion with Briggs about snowplowing and any areas they are not able to finish, they will make safe for the plows. Briggs doesn’t want the plow to damage anything either because that’s just more work for them to fix later.

    I do sincerely apologize that I can’t report that everything is ahead of schedule, is costing half as much as expected, and is all coming along perfectly smoothly, but given a project of this size we’re taking it day-by-day and dealing with the challenges head on. I am committed to seeing this project through and what keeps me going is that I genuinely believe that Dave Briggs and his crew will deliver nothing short of a professional job that positively contributes to our property values and our neighborhoods overall aesthetic appeal making Round Hill an even better place to call home.

    As always if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out directly or through the discussion forum on the website.


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    Lucille Russo

    Having a hard time getting in touch with Briggs paving. The number we call rings and shuts off without a voicemail prompt.  We have also tried emailing them but they do not reply. Do you have any other suggestions for getting in touch with them? Thank you, Lucille Russo



    Hi Lucille,

    I actually just called them right now (after hours obviously and no one answered), but after 5-6 rings it did go to voicemail prompting you to leave a message.   I would suggest trying to call them again.





    Is there a schedule yet.  I did not see an update unless I missed..thank you.



    I was just curious when pacing will restart this spring?

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