The Board is excited to announce that beginning 10/1, we will be starting a comprehensive paving project that will include all of our private roads and parking lots. Weather permitting this project is expected to take 4-6 weeks to complete. Our mission is to make Round Hill a better place to live and we have partnered with Briggs Paving to help deliver on that promise in a major way. Briggs Paving has been serving customers for over 25 years as the premier paving contractor in the Hudson Valley and they were unanimously selected after a competitive bidding process.

Our roads and parking lots have seen better days and the good news is that they are actually not as bad as they look. What exactly then will Briggs Paving be doing for us? They will be removing the top layer of existing asphalt, fixing any defects, and then applying new asphalt. The Ridge and Chestnut parking lots however are beyond repair, so they will be completely replaced. In addition, all of the catch basin lids will be replaced as well.

Parking and access will be a challenge during this time and we ask that you use alternate parking when necessary even if it is temporarily inconvenient. If your vehicle is impeding the paving process in any way, it will be automatically towed away at your own expense. If you have special circumstances or require specific accommodations, please reach out to discuss arrangements.

Briggs Paving is also offering a special price to homeowners who want their driveways done at the same time. For $2.75/sqft they will mill and resurface your driveway or for $5.25/sqft they will excavate and replace your driveway entirely. If you are interested in this limited time offer, please contact Briggs Paving directly at (845) 454-2841 to discuss the details, payment, and scheduling.

You may be nervously wondering how much the dues are going to increase to pay for this, but we are happy to share that this project will NOT result in any special assessments or dues increases!

We have created a special discussion forum on our website to communicate in real-time as information becomes available (paving schedules, road/parking lot closures, etc.). We encourage you to share your questions and concerns on the discussion forum. If you have specific questions you can also contact us directly via email. Please no phone calls as they will not be returned.

Click here to access the discussion forum for the Paving Project