I know everyone has been eagerly anticipating the opening of the pool and we have been diligently discussing and working behind the scenes on how to open the pool as safely and quickly as possible.  This preparation has included working with our pool services company, our lifeguard staff, our attorney’s office, the county Board of Health, and our insurance company.

There are a lot of challenges to solve for when it comes to safely opening the pool, but we have encountered one in particular that is beyond our control that unfortunately does not have a solution.  Currently there are no insurance policies available that can be purchased, that would cover the HOA if there was a COVID-19 litigation stemming from someone using the pool and getting sick.  While we can put a safety plan in place, the reality of the situation is that even that will be incredibly difficult to manage and it will not guarantee everyone’s safety.  If we were to operate the pool without proper insurance coverage, it puts every Round Hill homeowner at risk of having to fund attorneys throughout the course of the litigation process and Round Hill homeowners would be directly responsible for any court ordered monetary judgments or settlements.  This COVID-19 situation is uncharted territory and the potential legal costs are incalculable and it is for this reason that we have decided that it is in the best interest of every Round Hill homeowner that the pool will remain closed for the summer.

Unfortunately even with proper insurance coverage, your experience at the pool would not be one you are familiar with.  Important COVID-19 guidelines and restrictions include individual screenings, temperature checks, face masks, hand sanitizing stations, markings for proper six-foot spacing, mandated record-keeping for contact tracing, no guests permitted, and occupancy rates reduced to half.

I know this is disappointing and I regret having to share this news, but it is the Board’s responsibility to ensure the well-being of Round Hill and the safety of all residents even when that decision is difficult.

-Round Hill Board of Directors