We’re very aware of the snowplow situation and we’ve heard all your phone calls and emails. It’s extremely disappointing that the plowing is taking as long as it has, but after numerous calls with the snow plow contractor and calls amongst ourselves, this problem is not exclusive to Round Hill. We’ve also made it clear to the snow plow contractor that despite all of the legitimate challenges, it’s his job to clear the snow and what’s (not) happening is unacceptable.

Right now the focus and commitment from the snow plow contractor is that they will be on-site throughout this evening and for however long it takes to get the job done. After this storm is cleared we will be having a sit down with the snow plow contractor for him to tell us what he’s going to do differently to make sure this does not happen again. I will ask that if you see the plow guys, please don’t get in their way to talk and/or yell at them. Everyone knows what’s going on and there’s no value in slowing them down to discuss the very obvious situation. There is also a massive amount of snow that needs to be moved and they have authority to put the snow where it needs to go so it can be cleared as fast as possible. Please do not stop them to dictate in your opinion where you think the snow should or should not go. Also please do your best to not snow blow your driveways into the roads as the more the snow is driven over, the harder it gets packed down and harder it is to remove.

At this point if you have a critical situation because of the snow problem, please let me know via direct message here or email via our website. All of your complaints are heard and read by me personally (both the polite and horrifically inappropriate ones) and I will do my best to reply as I can.

On behalf of the Board, I genuinely appreciate your continued patience as we work through this awful winter storm in what has already been an extremely challenging year.