In the early morning hours this past Friday there was a vehicle break-in on Aspen Court.

Apparently a person walked into our neighborhood and smashed their way into a vehicle and then attempted to do the same to another before a resident saw him and immediately called 911.

This is a reminder to all residents to make sure you lock your vehicles at night and be vigilant in calling the Town of Fishkill Police (845-831-1110) when you see something suspicious.  There is no harm in calling the police to report something you genuinely believe to be suspicious that turns out to be nothing.

We have had ongoing issues with drug use (specifically heroin) and petty crimes in our neighborhood and as residents we typically know when something is out of the ordinary.  If it’s late at night and you see vehicles pull into a parking lot, no one gets out, and they are still sitting there fifteen minutes later, that is a little bit suspicious.  If it’s late at night and you see someone wandering around the neighborhood who is not walking a dog, that is a little bit suspicious.  These are the kind of things that just don’t seem quite right that you can report to the police.

We would much rather hear that a resident called the police to report something suspicious that turned out to be nothing instead of having to spend time picking up needles around the neighborhood.  If you have any questions or concerns you’d like to address to the Board directly, please do so through our contact page directly.