2024 Annual Meeting Minutes

Annual Board Meeting
Friday, 6/7/24 – Fishkill Rec Center

Jeremy Kline
Josh Shoemaker
Rob Tompkins
Anthony Carlini

61 Residents attended


  • Board Candidates (2 open positions)
    • Robert Tompkins spoke
    • Jacqueline Altwerger was not present
    • All in-person + proxy votes were counted and a quorum was met. There was a total of 73 votes. Both candidates were approved to join the Board of Directors.
  • Bylaw Amendment Proposal
    • Proposed an amendment to limit the amount of rental properties to 3% of total units which equates to approximately 11 units.
    • Numerous residents spoke in opposition of the amendment.
    • Several agreed there should be a cap but that 3% was too low.
    • Board agreed to table the vote on the amendment to further discuss.
    • Residents expressed interest in forming a committee to aid in future discussion
  • Finances
    • Everyone present was issued a copy of the financials, but, due to the time restraint and amendment discussions taking longer than expected, we were unable to cover all of the financials.
  • Next Meeting Agenda Items
    • Future opportunity for a digital reference of the bylaws.
    • Description of what each board “position” does
    • Another meeting to keep residents informed
    • Residents would like an increase in communication from the board
    • Opportunities for resident-run committees regarding community topics