2017 Annual Meeting Minutes

1. Craig Kretzmer: Greetings and Welcome

2. Pamela Richardson, Legal Counsel:

Election overview, process; general meeting process – keep to relevant issues, current concerns within the last year; do not belabor the past.

3. Craig Kretzmer: New Plowing Contract for winter of 2017-2018

Former unsatisfactory contract expired
Brief comments on last year’s 23” snowfall and impact
Diamond Snake unable to fulfill contract
Four bids obtained for new contractor
Introduced Chris Oliver, Total Package Landscaping (TPL), specializing in commercial snow removal
$73,000: price to cover ALL plowing contingencies and snow removal

4. Chris Oliver:

Proper equipment and specific crew dedicated to location
Salt on site: salt bins provided
Catch basins, fire hydrants, impediments marked by TPL
Residents can assist by marking their properties, thus reducing damage
When weather reports indicate, magnesium chloride spray will be used on road surface to reduce sticking, icing; granular salt used on top during snowfall
Excess snow to be moved to Chestnut and pool areas
Reports of damage to curbs, driveways, or grass must be made by April 1st, conditions permitting

5. Introduction of Election Candidates, Questions, Balloting

Joseph Zeni
Jeremy Kline
Robert Tompkins

Election Results:

Joseph Zeni: 13
Jeremy Kline: 61
Robert Tompkins: 51

6. Craig Kretzmer: Legal Update and Review

$20,000 collected from arrears this year
Process of Foreclosures continues in some cases

7. Josh Shoemaker: Buildings and Grounds (B&G) Review

Snowstorm / Blizzard report: Diamond Snake unable to provide service
Equipment breakdowns, some roads unplowed
Crew unavailable
B&G unable to RETURN calls during snow emergencies
Residents should still call (leave message) or email to notify of problems

Tow Policy

For Tow Policy, procedure, fees: see website
No parking in Fire Lanes (ALL Round Hill Roads)
Must facilitate access for EMERGENCY VEHICLES, otherwise $10,000 fine
B&G Applications now available to fill out and email online
Inspection reports down by 2/3 – these help to maintain appeal, condition of community. Response in most cases positive and immediate – only 11 outstanding

8. Jeremy Kline: Finance Update and Review

80% of dues increase dedicated to CAPITAL IMPROVEMENTS
Replace, Update, and Improve pool furniture
Update Chestnut Playground
Cameras: significant investment, but hopefully will pay for themselves in savings and charges
Police will provide backup

9. Robert Tompkins: Recreation Update and Review

No major pool issues this year
Work done on playgrounds and basketball court

10. Resident Concerns, Questions

FIOS: currently, no

Yes, lower initial cost, but costs escalate, like cable FIOS wants guarantee of signup numbers to provide “perks.” Board not empowered to “guarantee”
Digging up of properties or roads to lay cable
No guarantee that properties, roads will be returned to original condition. Little that Board can do (baring litigation) once damage occurs

STOP sign, Ridge and Valley

Unsafe: some drivers not obeying STOP sign, speeding
School bus stop – situation dangerous for children
Board cannot place speed bumps – Town road
Better lighting in dark parking areas
Safety issues
Discourage loitering, drug use and other illegal activities
Possible cameras there also? Study possibilities, cost

Possible Facebook Page to encourage community communication
Look into ways to Update and improve playground equipment.
Alternate funding possibilities? Playground grants not usually an option

Aspen, Ridge additional parking spaces

Parking (or lack of) a serious problem
Do not want additional parking to change community environment (“not like ShopRite”). Hedges to block auto lights into residences. Also angled parking spaces
Ridge parking requires approval of Town Planning Board

Renters Control

Problems with renters maintaining property
Board communicates with owners / landlords directly, not renters unless individually
Some cooperative, some not
Board investigating options (if any available) for limiting number or % of renters and/or number of units controlled by a single landlord
Landlords given assessments, fines for infractions

Litigation regarding Diamond Snake?

Looking into legal possibilities
Must be determined whether benefits will exceed costs
Board has 6 years to file

11. Adjournment at 9:03