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Ding Dong Doors!

Recently we have had a few community members ask us to reevaluate the approved door paint colors. We agree that it would be nice to freshen up the community + allow for individualization of our homes. The board has taken time to review and have aligned with the below colors and have broken down based on house color. We used Behr paint chips as a color standard, and have provided the name + code below. As we would like homeowners to be free to choose their desired paint brand, we have also included the RGB code for each of the...

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Let There Be Light!

The Board is so happy that we finally have an update – there is now a solar light post installed in the Ridge/Valley parking lot! Thank you to all the team members who worked so hard on this project!

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Jan 7: Snowy Update!

Snow update from Jeremy! FYI I just drove the entire complex (11:30AM) and the roads off of the bottom of Ridge Road and roads off of Valley looked to be relatively OK (with some exceptions). The snowplow guys were on Hawthorne working their way up to the top of Ridge. I texted the owner that there are four or five trouble spots they need to get to (and yes I know all the spots). At this point, it’s a lot of snow that still needs to be removed and I appreciate your patience. If you see any spots that need...

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Happy Snow-turday!

Welcome to the first snow storm of 2024! First + foremost, we would like all residents to be as safe as possible. Please take care if you are walking or driving, and please watch out for the snow plows that will be in the complex If you have vehicles parked in the parking lots, they need to be moved within 24 hours to allow for the parking lot to be cleared Note that during the winter all residents are responsible for following our Snow Storm Policy. As we are located in the Northeast we get our share of snowstorms during...

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Notice Regarding the Disposal of Christmas Trees

We would like to remind all residents that Christmas trees are not allowed to be thrown in the dumpsters. Anyone who is caught doing so will be fined according to our Dumpster Policy The Fishkill Green Dump is right off of Geering Way. Please see the town website for any additional info

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