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Playgrounds & Parking & Snow, oh my!

The board would like to remind residents that they are responsible for following the Rules & Regulations for the community. Some major callouts recently are the following:

A Note to Dog Owners

Dogs are NOT allowed in the playgrounds, tennis courts, or pool areas. In addition, owners are responsible for having their dog on a leash/lead at all times.

These rules are in place for the health and safety of other residents as well as other pets in our community. We have been getting multiple complaints of people breaking this rule, and strongly remind people that if anyone is found to be non-compliant they are subjected to being fined.

Parking & Towing

Parking is not permitted on any streets other than Ridge Road, Valley Road, and Chestnut Road. Anyone found parking illegally is subject to being fined and/or towed. Please see the Parking & Towing section or the Towing Policy for more information

  • **NOTE** the Town of Fishkill snow ordinance states that parking on Ridge, Valley, & Chestnut is prohibited starting Nov 1st. It is now Nov 1st. Parking on these roads is enforced by the Fishkill PD, not Round Hill – if you have a problem, please contact them at (845) 831-1110

It is Snow Season!

As we are located in the Northeast we get our share of snowstorms during the winter seasons. The following stipulations must be followed by all residents in the event of a snowstorm.

  • If you have vehicles parked in the parking lots, they need to be moved within 24 hours after a snow storm to allow for the parking lot to be cleared
  • It is prohibited to shovel snow into the street after the plows have been through
  • All residents are to be reminded that there is an easement on all properties along the road edge that allows for the piling of cleared snow. We expect residents to follow all points of the Expectation of Resident Conduct in regards to snow removal. Do not harass the snow plow company employees.

If residents need a refresher, please note that information can be found on the Resources page. Residents may also contact the board at with any questions