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Quick update on the Round Hill pool situation – July 1st at 11:30AM

FINAL UPDATE:The pool will be open starting July 2nd! Thank you all for your patience!

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*** July 1st – 11:30AM

Still a waiting game with the DOH at this point, but we have some very kind and gracious local political leaders advocating on our behalf at both the Town and County levels. We haven’t been denied, but we haven’t been approved yet either. If we do get the approval, we’re ready to open as soon as we get the go ahead.

*** June 30th – 7:30PM We should know in the morning if we will be able to open this weekend. I will keep everyone posted as soon as I hear.

*** June 30th – 4:30PM Haven’t forgotten about this, been working through this all day. As of right now all the physical work at the pool has been completed and the Town of Fishkill permits are squared away. The next hurdle is that we’re working on trying to obtain a temporary DOH permit to be able to operate over the holiday weekend. I will keep everyone posted when I hear back.

*** June 29th – 12:30PM I wanted to share a quick note on the pool situation since I know the holiday weekend is quickly approaching. The work that the pool company has been doing should be complete today and the only thing else that remains to become fully opened is the paperwork with the Town of Fishkill and County Board of Health. The situation is playing out in real-time and we can only share what we know as we learn it and I cannot yet say for certain what is going to happen this weekend. The tentative plan is to be open this weekend, but as of right now we are simply caught up in the wheels of the system and trying to get through it as quickly as possible. We are all equally frustrated about the situation for a variety of different reasons, but the primary focus right now is to get the pool open as soon as possible and the Board will deal with the issues that got us here after that. If you have any additional or specific questions, you can email or DM me directly. As we have additional information to share, I will update this post. Thank you and I hope to see everyone at the pool this weekend.