Parking Policy

Round Hill Towing Policy

8/29/2018 – Effective immediately, we have contracted with Renato at ALLTOW, INC as our towing contractor.  The contact number for ALLTOW, INC is (845) 896-8686.  If you are caught parking illegally and are towed, the fee schedule (tax not included) that ALLTOW, INC charges is $225 for towing your vehicle (up to an additional $150 for labor as the situation of your tow requires), a $95 drop fee (to unhook without leaving), $85 per night storage fees, and then a $65 convenience fee for pick-up outside of normal business hours (subject to availability as his schedule permits).  ALLTOW, INC. regular business hours are 9AM to 5PM Monday through Friday and closed on Saturday and Sunday.

1/27/2017 – Effective immediately the Round Hill Board of Directors has authorized the use of a $100 parking fine (for any parking related rules and regulation violation) in addition to (or in place of) having your vehicle towed. As Round Hill homeowners, please be aware that the entire Round Hill Towing Policy applies to your guests as well and you are responsible for any of their incurred parking fines. The Round Hill parking fine is non-negotiable, it is separate from any of the associated costs due to the tow company, and it will be added to your monthly dues.

I. The purpose of this policy is to formally document the “Round Hill Towing Policy” in order to provide the RH board with an effective tool to manage and enforce parking rules compliance. The policy below outlines when and how the towing of vehicles can take place and under what conditions. However, for most people their vehicle represent one of their most valuable assets that they rely on as their primary means of transportation. These vehicles get them back and forth to work, safely transport their children, and are a significant part of what makes their daily lives possible. With the creation of this towing policy, it is important for us to remember that we are all neighbors and we need to be mindful of the impact that enforcing this policy will have on someone. We should always give people the benefit of the doubt and exercise discretion in using the softest touch possible in order to correct a parking violation.

II. Authorized Persons who can use this policy for parking enforcement includes and is restricted to current RH board members and the current B&G Chairperson. Authorized Persons reserve the right to exercise discretion in determining what level of enforcement is required to correct a parking violation. Towing will require NO official written or verbal communication (beyond issuance of a parking violation notice where indicated) in order to prevent situations where corrective action is taken, but the owner claims to have not received a parking violation notice in the form of an officially mailed letter or formal phone call. Casual conversations can take place if it will correct a parking violation, but per official policy, written or verbal communication from an Authorized Person to the Vehicle Owner and/or RH Homeowner is NOT required for an Authorized Person to take ANY corrective action (up to and including a vehicle tow) as a means to correct a parking violation. The list of violations outlined below is not comprehensive and it, as well as the overall “Round Hill Tow Policy”, is subject to change at any time and for any reason.

  • Unregistered Vehicles
  • Uninspected Vehicles
  • Missing License Plates
  • Parked in Handicap Spaces
  • Parked in a Fire Lane³
  • Residents of Locust Grove
  • Parked in a Fire Lane³
  • Parked while HOA privileges are suspended
  • Over-sized vehicles, Recreational vehicles, Commercial vehicles, and Trailers are prohibited from all Round Hill common parking areas.
  • Violation of any Round Hill Rules & Regulations as specified on the violation notice
  • Derelict or Abandoned vehicles⁴
  • Long-Term Storage⁵
  1. The company contracted for towing services can initiate a vehicle tow when they observe a violation without additional consent or approval beyond this policy.
  2. Only Authorized Persons can initiate a “Tow by Call”.
  3. All Round Hill Roads are designated fire lanes and no parking is allowed at any time.
  4. A Derelict or Abandoned vehicle can be any vehicle, as reasonably determined by an Authorized Person, which appears to have been left without needed protection or care or appears to be in a poor and unsightly condition because of disuse or neglect.
  5. A Vehicle Stored Long-Term can be any vehicle, as reasonably determined by an Authorized Person, which appears to have been parked in a parking lot space for the primary purpose of storage. Moving a vehicle between different spaces or lots does not “reset the clock” when it appears the primary purpose continues to be vehicle storage.  When the observation and determination has been made that you are storing your vehicle long-term, a sticker will be placed on the window of the driver’s side notifying you that you now have 48 hours to move your vehicle.  If you fail to move your vehicle within that 48 hour grace period, your vehicle will be towed.