Round Hill Association Winter Newsletter 2017


Winter is almost gone and we are looking forward to Spring.

We would like to introduce the current board members and their roles:

President/Legal & Contracts — Craig A. Kretzmer
Vice President, Grounds — Josh Shoemaker
Vice President, Recreation — Robert Tompkins
Vice President, Treasurer/Finance — Jeremy Kline
Secretary — Craig Kimball

If anyone would like to contact one of the directors please call the Round Hill number (845) 897-2080. Please leave your name, address, and phone number, along with a detailed message about why you are calling. Please do not call directors at their personal numbers. Unless they have called you and left their number for you to return the call, your call will not be returned.

Effective immediately, we have contracted with Tow Boss to replace Elite Towing & Auto Recovery. The contact number for Tow Boss directly is (845) 592-2109.

Also effective immediately the Round Hill Board of Directors has authorized the use of a $100 parking fine (for any violation that would result in an automatic tow), in addition to having your vehicle towed. Towing charge is $225. plus S85 per day storage fee. As Round Hill homeowners, please be aware that the entire Round Hill Towing Policy applies to your guests as well, and you are responsible for any of their incurred parking fines. The Round Hill parking fine is non-negotiable, it is separate from any of the associated costs due to the tow company, and it will be added to your monthly dues. All other towing information is on our website.

In response to clarification requests, replacement windows may be either vertical or horizontal sliders.

The board is also revisiting FIOS, since there have been requests to do so.

Enclosed please find the minutes from the December 2016 Annual Meeting. Anyone interested in receiving the financial statements or the handouts from the annual meeting please call (845) 897-2080, and we will be happy to mail them out to you. The Buildings & Grounds Rules and Regulations are available from our website:

We are currently accepting applications for property inspectors for the 2017 season. Inspectors need to reapply every year. Any homeowner interested in serving as an inspector should send a letter of interest to:

Round Hill Association
Att: Board of Directors
(B&G Inspector Position)
P.O. Box 340
Fishkill, NY 12524

Monthly association dues will be suspended for FIVE (5) MONTHS while serving as an inspector.

The pool is expected to open Memorial Day weekend, and applications for lifeguard positions for the 2017 season are being accepted. Lifeguard/CPR certifications are a requirement. All interested persons please send a letter of interest to:

Round Hill Association
Attn: Board of Directors
(Lifeguard Position)
P.O. Box 340
Fishkill, NY 12525

As indicated in every newsletter, all Round Hill roads are designated fire zones and no parking is allowed at any time. Violations will result in an immediate special assessment of $100.00. If you need to store a vehicle in a visitor parking lot for any extended period of time, you must contact the Board for consideration at (845) 897-2080.

Landlords, all newsletters will be mailed to tenants addressed as “current resident;” however, you are still responsible for ensuring that your tenants have a copy and understand they must follow the rules. The board does not recognize any landlord/tenant agreements and will only communicate with the owners. Additional copies of the Buildings & Grounds Rules and Regulations can be obtained throughout the year by calling the Round Hill number at (845) 897-2080, or they can be downloaded from our website:

Our Buildings & Grounds Chairperson is Keith Abrams. The Buildings and Grounds Committee must approve all architectural and ground changes — in writing — prior to the start of work. This includes the replacement or repair of siding, shingles on roof, windows and doors, steps, decks, and all other exterior repairs or modifications. To obtain an Architectural and Grounds Changes Application call (845)896-9116. FAILURE TO OBTAIN AN APPROVED WRITTEN APPLICATION WILL Josh is Keith’s last name Abram or Abrams? RESULT IN A SPECIAL ASSESSMENT OF $500.00.

As we have repeatedly communicated, disposing of non-trash items at the dumpster sites is prohibited. Any violation will result in an immediate $200.00 assessment. Large items and construction debris must be carted away by your contractor. When purchasing new appliances, bedding, or furniture, BE SURE TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR THE DELIVERY PEOLE TO CART AWAY THE OLD ITEMS. If all else fails, please contact Royal Carting directly at (845) 896-6000 to make arrangements for an individual pick up. We would like to remind everyone to please make sure you do not dispose of hot ashes, or any flammable material, in the dumpsters. Disposal of any of these will result in a violation of $200.00, and legal action may be initiated.

Dog owners must clean up after their pets IN THEIR YARDS AS WELL AS IN ALL COMMON AREAS. Dog walking in recreation and mailbox areas or on neighbors’ properties is prohibited. If you do not clean up after your pets on any common areas of the community, an immediate $100.00 assessment will be charged.

If you are planning to sell your unit, New York State law requires that a copy of the prospectus be passed on to the new owner, either prior to or at the time of closing. You may obtain a replacement copy by mailing a check for $100.00 to the Round Hill address. You will need a letter for closing stating that your dues are up to date and that you have no unpaid assessments or liens against your property. Please call (845) 897-2080 for this letter.

Homeowners should leave front porch lights on and have house numbers clearly visible from the road. This should be done for safety reasons. It is every individual’s responsibility to notify the police if you see unusual behavior or illegal actions. Please call the Town of Fishkill Police Department at (845) 831-1110 to file a report.

Anyone needing a tennis court key can obtain one by mailing a $20.00 check to our PO Box 340 address. A key will be mailed to you upon receipt. Please remember to lock the gate when leaving and that the courts are for playing tennis only. Do not use the courts for exercising your pet. Do not allow children to ride bikes, roller-skate, skateboard, etc.

We would also like to remind you that if you experienced any damage to your property from the snowplow, we must be informed by April 1, 2017.


As we are all aware, there are parking problems within our community. If you have multiple cars, we ask that you park your cars in your driveway, not on the roadway or on the lawn. Please do not utilize the visitors’ parking lots to keep your driveway empty.

For legal reasons, cars should not be parked in driveways of vacant homes.

In closing, this Board would like to extend its thanks for your support and encouragement.

DECEMBER 6, 2016

Board Members Present: Craig Kretzmer, Rob Tompkins

The Annual Meeting was held on December 6, 2017, from 7:00 – 9:00 p.m. at the Church of the Nazarene, Route 52, Fishkill, New York.

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Memorial for Carol Flores-Vranace

There was one (1) position open for election to the Board of Directors. Board Retirement: Frank Russo

Presentations of Candidates, 5 minutes each. Questions Audrey Ferraro, Josh Shoemaker


Budget: Rob Tompkins
Copy available upon request
Finance, Recreation, Contracts, Buildings and Grounds, Legal

Items of Note
  • Pool Playground Upgrade – mulch
  • Upcoming:
    • Ridge Playground – mulch and fence
    • Chestnut Playground – mulch
    • Unexpected expense: Pool Sewer Issues
    • Insurance Reduced: $11,000

Fios, Board of Health and Pool, Foreclosures and maintenance of them, Number of rentals, lamppost bulb on Valley, Lawn maintenance

Election Results: Josh Shoemaker