Spring 2024 Newsletter

We would like to take this moment to thank all of our residents for helping us get through the winter season smoothly. Although there weren’t many storms – the ones we got dumped some snow on us, and gave the plow guys a lot to do. Now that everyone is starting to be outdoors more often, we would like to remind all residents that they have until April 1st to e-mail us with any damage claims that the plows may have accidentally caused during snow removal.

In addition, the board has been working diligently all winter on a lot of behind the scenes projects for Round Hill, and we are extremely excited to share some new developments with the community!

We have so much to cover it barely fits in one newsletter!

So let’s get to it!

Annual Community Board Meeting

This year’s meeting is on Friday June 7th from 6p-730p located in the Fishkill Recreation Center

Pets are not allowed – do not bring them or you cannot enter the building.

Based on feedback from our resident survey, we are hosting this year’s meeting at an indoor location. This meeting serves as an open & respectful space to discuss ongoing projects, hear resident feedback, and to vote on any open board positions or additional matters. This year we will have residents vote on a change to the bylaws regarding rental units in the community. We will have more information to share in our next newsletter so keep an eye out!

New Additions to Round Hill

We are happy to report that we have installed a solar light in the parking lot in the intersection of Ridge + Valley for more visibility during the night. As this is the first one in the community, we would like to see how it performs before adding any additional lights. If you have any feedback, please feel free to reach out!

In addition, we have widened the acceptable door colors that residents are able to use for their front doors. Specific color standards are posted on the website, and we encourage everyone to check them out for any future projects.

Property Inspectors Needed

We are now accepting applications for those who are interested in volunteering to be a property inspector for the 2024 season! This position entails inspecting properties to ensure proper compliance and addressing deficiencies through regular submissions and updates via an online portal.

This position runs from May-Sept and your monthly homeowner association dues will be waived throughout the term of this position. If you are interested in volunteering as an Inspector please contact us by Friday April 19th. You can mail a letter of interest to Round Hill Association, P.O. Box 340, Fishkill, NY 12524 or e-mail us at association Please note any homeowner who would like to volunteer must be up to date with their dues, and cannot have outstanding violations, deficiencies, or special assessments.

Apply for the board of directors

There are two positions opening for Board of Directors to be voted on for this upcoming spring.
The Board of Directors is a volunteer position appointed by the community. This is a year round position with a term lasting 3 years. Those interested in applying should be available to meet on a monthly basis, have an interest in our community, and be a collaborative team player. All applicants must be a current Round Hill homeowner, have no outstanding balance in their dues, and cannot have outstanding violations, deficiencies, or special assessments.

If you are interested in being considered for this elected position, please mail in an official letter of interest. This letter must include a short paragraph describing your background, why you would like to serve on the board, and how you would benefit our community. This letter will be included with the proxy ballots mailed to each homeowner before the Annual Meeting.

All letters must be postmarked by Friday April 19th in order for the applicant to be included on the ballot. Those who miss this deadline will have to wait until the next opening in order to apply. We will not accept an e-mail as an application for this position. Please mail to: Round Hill Association, P.O. Box 340, Fishkill, NY 12524

Looking for lifeguards

The pool is expected to open Memorial Day Weekend!! This means we are accepting applications for lifeguard positions for the 2024 summer season. This is a paid position that is open to both residents & non-residents. If you or someone you know is interested please e-mail us at for additional information regarding certification requirements and hourly rate.

Round Hill Online

Last year we saw a big update to our website, and have gotten a lot of great feedback from residents on how easy it is for them to find updates or announcements!

We are continuing to expand on the digital experience for the community, and are exploring other capabilities to benefit our residents. Part of this expansion requires updating our resident contact information. We have posted an online form for residents to submit updated information for our records. Visit to do so – help us help you!

Resident Reminders

  • The Dues were increased to $150 back in October 2023. If you have not been paying this amount, your balance is now past due. Please reach out to us ASAP in order to see what is owed and avoid any additional late fees.
  • The Round Hill website is the only source of communication and updates from the board. Any online message boards or social media pages are for homeowners to interact with each other, and not for topics that need responses from the board. We always encourage residents to contact us through the website or via e-mail with any questions, concerns, or just to say hi!
  • All residents are responsible for following Round Hill bylaws and policies for the safety of our community. We have posted all policies and resource information on our website under Resident Resources for homeowners to refer to. Please reach out to the board if there is any confusion.
  • Landlords you are responsible for your tenants! You must make sure all tenants are provided with Round Hill Policies and any additional relevant information. The Board does not recognize any landlord / tenant agreements and homeowners are held responsible for the actions of their tenants.
  • If you are planning to sell your unit, New York State law requires that a copy of the prospectus be passed on to the new owner, either prior to or at the time of closing

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