The RH Board

The HOA Board

The Board of Directors is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all common areas and for the enforcement of the rules of the Prospectus. The board is elected by a majority of the membership at an annual meeting held in the fall. There are five board members, each elected for a three-year term. Each member holds an equal amount of authority within the board, regardless of title.

Current Board Members

Jeremy Kline
Robert Tompkins
Karolina Carpenter
Lauren Marsiglio
Josh Shoemaker

All rules and regulations have been assembled by the Board to help simplify compliance and insure that everyone is well-informed. These rules and regulations, along with others that exist in the Prospectus, will ultimately be enforced by the board through special assessments and suspension of privileges.

The Board generally meets monthly to handle the affairs of the association. A newsletter is published several times throughout the year to keep members up-to-date. Questions or concerns about snow plowing, trash removal, common area landscaping, parking, recreation, and finance are handled by the Board and they may be contacted from our contact page.