Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

All owners of a unit in the Round Hill Development automatically become members of the Round Hill Association at the time of purchase and the payment of a new membership fee. Members are required to pay monthly dues directly to the association for the operation and maintenance of all common areas. 

Also as a member, you, your guests, and/or tenants are required to comply with the rules and regulations set forth in the Prospectus. Members are entitled to all association privileges which include voting in elections; use of the pool and recreation areas; consideration of any applications submitted to the Buildings & Grounds Committee.  

A non-compliance member is one whose monthly dues are in arrears and/or has an outstanding special assessment, deficiency or violation. If you have any question about your status, please contact the Board

NOTE: Homeowners are responsible for any tenant, guest or visitor deficiency or violation. Notices and phone calls will be directed to owners only. The Association DOES NOT recognize tenants as a point of contact.

Expectation of Proper Resident Conduct

We require proper conduct when it comes to homeowners and their interactions with the employees of the companies that we contract with to provide services in Round Hill. If you find yourself having an issue with one of our contractors, you can contact the Board or you can politely talk with the contractors directly. Most of the time simple misunderstandings can be solved with a quick conversation between reasonable people.

What you cannot do is stand in their way, climb onto their machines, or do anything else to impede their ability to do the job they were hired to do. Verbal and/or physical assault is also completely unacceptable and our contractors have been advised to ignore such behavior and immediately contact the Police.

The Board has approved the use of a $1,000 assessment and we will issue these assessments to any homeowner who is unable to conduct themselves properly.

Parking & Towing

Within our community there are five expansive parking lots including the lot by the Pool, the lot on the corner of Ridge Road and Valley Road, the lot off of Ridge Road across from Beech Court, the lot down on Chestnut Road, and the lot on the corner of Ridge Road and Walnut Court next to the playground. There are also smaller parking lots on each road for our visitors to park in. It is expected and appreciated that homeowners will park in their driveways allowing for additional spaces in the parking lots to be used for our visitors.

In the Event of a Snow Storm: if you have vehicles parked in the parking lots, they need to be moved within 24 hours after a snow storm to allow for the parking lot to be cleared

As we are all aware, the parking situation in our community is a challenging and ongoing problem. As a consequence of the many complaints and concerns raised by homeowners, effective immediately the Board has approved and implemented a Towing Policy in an effort to deal with the variety of consistent parking violations. We have contracted with ALLTOW, INC. to assist with the enforcement of this policy and they can be contacted directly at (845) 896-8686. Towing will be enforced and illegally parked cars will be removed at the owner’s expense. However, if you need to store a vehicle in a parking lot for any extended period of time, you must contact the Board ahead of time for consideration.

Trash & Dumpsters

Our neighborhood has two locations with several trash dumpsters available for the exclusive use of Round Hill residents only. The first site is located on Ridge Road on the left after Beech Court, the second site is located at the end of Valley Road, and regular service is provided by Royal Carting. Improper and illegal dumping is an ongoing problem that is unsightly, unsanitary, and it creates an unacceptable blight that reflects poorly on our neighborhood. As a result the Board has adopted and will be enforcing a strict acceptable access and usage policy.

NOTE: Round Hill residents that are in arrears on their HOA dues are not permitted to access or use the HOA dumpsters at any time or for any reason. Round Hill residents found accessing or using the HOA dumpsters in violation of this policy will be fined $1,000.

If you have any questions for Royal Carting (or need to schedule a special pick-up), please call them directly at 845-896-6000.


Round Hill loves dogs, and we pride ourselves on being a dog friendly community. We do not have any breed restrictions, and expect all owners to know their dogs’ temperament and act accordingly. All dogs must be under the owner’s control at all times, in compliance with the Town of Fishkill dog ordinance. Any violations will be reported to the Town of Fishkill dog warden.

NOTE: some homeowners insurance companies do have breed restrictions and it is resident’s responsibility to be aware of such

All dog owners are required to clean up after their dogs whether it be in their yards or when walked in common areas. These areas include (but are not limited to) wide open spaces in the community and along the sidewalks. It is prohibited to allow your dog to ‘go’ in another resident’s yard. We provide dog waste stations with bags & dump bins, and they are located in multiple areas around the community. If you witness another person leaving dog waste on the ground, please contact the board. 

Snow Storms & Plowing

As we are located in the Northeast we get our share of snowstorms during the winter seasons. The following stipulations must be followed by all residents in the event of a snowstorm.

  • If you have vehicles parked in the parking lots, they need to be moved within 24 hours to allow for the parking lot to be cleared
  • It is prohibited to shovel snow into the street after the plows have been through
  • All residents are to be reminded that there is an easement on all properties along the road edge that allows for the piling of cleared snow. We expect residents to follow all points of the Expectation of Resident Conduct in regards to snow removal