Community News

Ding Dong Doors!

Recently we have had a few community members ask us to reevaluate the approved door paint colors. We agree that it would be nice to freshen up the community + allow for individualization of our homes. The board has taken time to review and have aligned with the below colors and have broken down based on house color.

We used Behr paint chips as a color standard, and have provided the name + code below. As we would like homeowners to be free to choose their desired paint brand, we have also included the RGB code for each of the colors chosen (as well as a link to Encycolorpedia for those who are curious)


Aspen, Larch, Hemlock, Hawthorn, Sycamore


Larch, Hilltop, Beech, Bayberry, Walnut, Tamarack


Laurel, Spruce, Briar

We are working on updating the approved materials list, but this post serves as notice for all residents and from this point forward you can consider the above as added to the approved materials list.

NOTE: The board still requires all homeowners to submit a B&G Application before making any changes to the outside of their property. Please refer to the Buildings & Grounds Application page for more information. We encourage residents to utilize the online form for a quicker response!