Pool Notes

Pool Play & Memorial Day!

We are excited to announce that this weekend marks the pool opening for the season!

The pool will be open from 10a-7p the following days:

  • Sat May 25
  • Sun May 26
  • Mon May 27

After this weekend, the pool will be part-time until the end of June. This means that it will only be open on weekends from 10a-7p.

Pool passes were sent out with the last mailing! You must bring it in order to access the pool! Pool staff has been instructed to not allow anyone without a pass to enter.

If you believe you have not been given a pass:

  1. Please check to make sure it wasn’t stuck inside the envelope (or to the last page) of the latest mailer. That has happened a few times.
  2. Make sure you didn’t throw out the mailer.
  3. E-mail us!

Thanks so much & have a great weekend!