Dumpster Policy

Round Hill Towing Policy

I. The purpose of this policy is to formally document the “Round Hill Dumpster Usage Policy” in order to provide the RH Board with an effective tool to manage and enforce acceptable dumpster access and usage. The policy below details what the Board considers the acceptable access and usage of our neighborhood dumpsters.

II. Authorized Persons who can use this policy for dumpster access and usage enforcement includes, and is restricted to, current RH Board members and the current B&G Chairperson. Authorized Persons can issue a violation notice and fine to any violator based on reasonable evidence sourced from (but not limited to) surveillance cameras, firsthand eye-witness accounts by an Authorized Person (or any Round Hill employee), any relevant personally identifiable information found in or around the dumpsters, or any other combination of evidence from any other sources that when considered together the Board determines to be reasonable in total. 

Authorized Persons also reserve the right to exercise discretion in determining what level of enforcement is required to correct a violation.

The list of restrictions and violations outlined below is not comprehensive and it, as well as the overall “Round Hill Dumpster Usage Policy”, is subject to change at any time and for any reason.

  1. LOSS OF PRIVILEGES – Round Hill residents that are in arrears on their HOA dues are not permitted to access or use the HOA dumpsters at any time or for any reason. Round Hill residents found accessing or using the HOA dumpsters in violation of this policy will be fined $1,000.
  2. IMPROPER DISPOSAL – Round Hill residents using the HOA’s dumpsters are required to place all items intended for disposal into the dumpsters. Under no circumstance should anything be left outside on the ground or around the dumpsters. Round Hill residents who fail to properly dispose of their items into the dumpster will be fined $1,000.
  3. OVER-SIZE & BULK ITEMS – Royal Carting has a company policy regarding the pick-up of “over-sized or bulk items” which they define as items that do not fit into a regular garbage bag and when someone improperly or illegally dumps over-sized items, Royal Carting imposes a penalty fee on Round Hill. Round Hill residents that need to dispose of over-sized or bulk items can call Royal Carting to schedule a special pick-up or those items can be dropped off directly at Royal Carting. Round Hill residents are not permitted to dispose of over-sized or bulk items into the HOA’s dumpsters and any residents found improperly disposing of these items will be fined $1,000.
  4. HAZARDOUS & PROHIBITED ITEMS – Under no circumstance should hazardous or prohibited materials be disposed of into the HOA’s dumpsters. This most commonly includes (but is not limited to) tires, lead-acid batteries, motor oil, petroleum fuels, chemicals, paints, lacquers, solvents, pesticides, asbestos, medical waste, pressurized gas cylinders, and heavy construction materials. If you have to dispose of hazardous or prohibited items, please call Royal Carting for direction on how to dispose of them properly. Disposal of hazardous or prohibited items into the HOA’s dumpster is not only in violation of the rules and regulations, but it is also illegal and you could be prosecuted. Anyone found disposing of these items in to the HOA’s dumpster will be fined $1,000 and the matter will be referred to local law enforcement.
  5. NON-RESIDENT ACCESS & USAGE – The HOA’s dumpsters are for the exclusive use of Round Hill residents in accordance with the acceptable use policy. Any non-resident identified accessing or using the HOA dumpsters, from “dumpster diving” to outright illegal dumping will be fined $1,000. If after thirty days of non-payment from the date of the violation notice, the HOA reserves the right to refer the matter to our attorney and/or local law enforcement to pursue civil claims and/or criminal prosecution related to trespassing and illegal dumping.