Spring Has Sprung!

Who else is shocked that it’s already mid-April? Hopefully everyone is surviving the start of spring allergies and is taking the time to enjoy the sunny days!

As we all awaken from our slumber, the board would like to remind all residents of the following:

1. All pet owners must pick up after their pets. We provide multiple dog waste stations around the complex that include bags for those who have forgotten to bring them on their walk. Please utilize them!

2. Please remember to submit a B&G request before proceeding with any home improvement projects!

3. As it is now past April 1, parking is allowed on town roads again. Please make sure to read all parking signs to prevent any issues. Note that parking on Round Hill roads is prohibited at all times. Please utilize designated parking areas. Cars found in violation of Round Hill’s parking policy run the risk of being fined and/or towed at the owner’s expense.