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The Bulletin Board

Notice For Resident Safety – Unlocked Vehicles are being targeted for Break-Ins

Last night (11/10/22) there were some cars in Round Hill that had items stolen because the doors were unlocked. As a reminder, please lock your vehicle doors and be aware and mindful of your surroundings. If you see something that looks out of place or if you are a victim of this crime, please call the Town of Fishkill Police (845) 831-1110. You can send the HOA an email about it as well, but calling the police is always your first step.

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Playgrounds & Parking & Snow, oh my!

The board would like to remind residents that they are responsible for following the Rules & Regulations for the community. Some major callouts recently are the following: A Note to Dog Owners Dogs are NOT allowed in the playgrounds, tennis courts, or pool areas. In addition, owners are responsible for having their dog on a leash/lead at all times. These rules are in place for the health and safety of other residents as well as other pets in our community. We have been getting multiple complaints of people breaking this rule, and strongly remind people that if anyone is found...

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UPDATE: Larch Ct replacement mailbox

As of today Oct 8 – the mailbox is installed and the custom locks have been delivered and installed. BUT. We are not there yet. We personally went down to talk with the postmaster and were informed that they do not have a diagram of what box goes to what house, and they were trying to get in touch with the regular delivery person who is on vacation….because that is the only person who knows that information. Since they will be on vacation for a couple weeks, we are providing the post office with a diagram to help expedite the...

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UPDATED: 2023 Coupon Payment Books Have Arrived!!

UPDATE: All homeowners should have received the fall newsletter as well as the 2023 Coupon books. Please email the board if you have not. Thanks! Wanted to let all residents know that the 2023 Coupon Books are currently at the printer and will be mailed out shortly!

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