Bulletin Board

The Bulletin Board

AUG 2ND – Pool is Now Open!

Hi all! We are excited to announce that maintenance was completed ahead of schedule!! Therefore we are opening the pool for the remainder of the day! (until normal hours of 7pm)

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Notice for Resident Safety – Bear Spotted in the Area

We have been notified of multiple sittings of a bear in the area around our community and would like to advise residents to be aware for their safety. There has been no direct contact with the bear, but residents should take extra precautions as to not entice him to enter Round Hill. We suggest to follow NYS DEC guidelines, and please contact them if you have any additional questions. https://www.dec.ny.gov/animals/94710.html

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July 21st – Special Pool Hours!

Update! The pool will be open 10-8 on Thursday July 21, Friday July 22, AND Saturday July 23!! ———————— Hi everyone! Due to the fact that we have had a massive heat wave we are extending the pool hours for the next couple days! On Thursday July 21st & Friday July 22nd the pool will stay open an extra hour until 8pm!

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