Five property inspectors work from May through October going around making sure homeowners are keeping up with their homes as per the prospectus. Anyone interested in becoming a property inspector should keep an eye open for the announcement which is put in the winter newsletter. Monthly association dues will be suspended while serving as an inspector.

If you are interested in making any exterior property changes, they must be approved prior to the commencement of any work. You can either print a paper copy of the RH B&G Application and mail it directly or you can submit one electronically using the links below.

Click here to download and print your Round Hill B&G Application

Application for Building & Grounds Changes

In order to make any changes to the exterior of your home and/or property, you must submit an application and receive approval from Buildings & Grounds (before work begins subject to a $500 penalty). The types of changes that require approval include (but are not limited to) extensions, decks, awnings, patios, siding, roofs, color changes, property grade changes, retaining walls, drainage, tree removals, or major landscaping changes. You may still submit a paper copy of the application, but in order to expedite the process you may apply directly via email by filling out the form below.

All fields are required and you must clearly state the changes you intend to make while clearly describing the construction materials that you want to use (brands, colors/shades, size, height, etc).

If you have project plans or specifications, please attach the them as a file as part of your application. If you have multiple files to send with your application, please create a ZIP file (<5MB) and submit that. Any applications that lack proper detail will be rejected.

Application for Building & Grounds Changes

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