Buildings & Grounds

Buildings & Grounds

The Buildings and Grounds Committee (abbreviated as B&G) is responsible for ensuring that the individually owned units and properties are properly maintained and in compliance with the rules and regulations. This is necessary to protect the common interest of all members.

Five property inspectors work from May through October going around making sure homeowners are keeping up with their homes as per the prospectus. Anyone interested in becoming a property inspector can reach out to the Board at any time to inquire if there are openings. Monthly association dues will be suspended while serving as an inspector.

If you are interested in making any exterior property changes, they must be approved prior to the commencement of any work. You can either print a paper copy of the RH B&G Application and mail it directly or you can submit one electronically.

Exterior Home Maintenance

In order to maintain the visual aesthetic of the community, homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of their homes. The below is to serve as a general guideline but is not all encompassing. Please refer to the Prospectus for additional specifics.

Below is a link to approved paints, sidings, colors, etc for Round Hill. If you have any questions please contact the board.

  • Doors that are weather worn or peeling must be painted with approved colors
  • Screens on doors or windows must be repaired or replaced depending upon severity of damage

  • Shingles, siding and roofing must be replaced if buckled or missing
  • Mold, moss, or other vegetation should not be allowed to grow on any part of the house. If it does, those items must be bleached, stained, washed, or weather-proofed to original condition
  • When painting or replacing siding, shingles, or roofing they must match approved colors
  • Gutters and leaders must be secured to the house and repaired / replaced if damaged
  • When replacing gutters, they must match the color of the original
  • Exterior stairs and cement foundations on homes must be maintained. Deterioration of any kind must be restored
  • Painting of cement foundations and stairs is prohibited
  • Stair rails must be painted or replaced if rusted
  • Cement walkways should not be cracking or crumbling. Stone walkways must be maintained & free of weeds
  • Decks that are weather worn or mildew stained must be washed
  • Decks that are peeling or not the approved color must be corrected with approved colors
  • Decks that are rotted (or any portion thereof) must be replaced
  • Lattice work must surround three (3) sides under deck if being used for storage
  • Replacement of decks must be approved by the B&G and up to code
  • Driveways must be maintained. Any cracks, crumbling, or holes must be promptly patched and / or sealed
  • Blacktop sealer must be applied every two (2) years to maintain original condition, or when oil spill degrade the appearance

Exterior Grounds Maintenance

In order to maintain the visual aesthetic of the community, homeowners are responsible for the upkeep of their yards. The below is to serve as a general guideline but is not all encompassing. Please refer to the Prospectus for additional specifics.

  • All lawns must be maintained and should not be allowed to become overgrown
  • Lawns must be kept virtually weed free
  • Reseeding must be done when there are patches of grass which are sparse enough that soil is evident
  • Dog owners are required to clean up their yards of dog debris on a daily basis. This will be strictly enforced during the warm weather
  • Trees and shrubbery must be maintained and removed and / or replaced if dead
  • Greenery that borders streets must not obstruct visibility of drivers
  • Any landscaping projects require B&G approval
  • Nothing is to be left in front yard or driveway overnight
  • Garbage or trash is not to be left outside
  • Drying / airing of laundry outside is prohibited
  • Vehicles are to be parked in the driveways, parking lots, or approved streets only. They are not to be parked in front or back yards. See the Rules & Regulations page for more details
  • Snow shoveled into the street after the plow has been through is prohibited

Solar Panels

As of July 2022, solar panels were approved by majority vote to be permissible in the community. The regulations below have been determined by the Board, with assistance of legal counsel, and must be followed by those wishing to explore and install solar panels:

  • Solar panels are permitted on roofs only.  No panels will be permitted to be installed or attached upon any other area of a respective homeowner’s property that is not the roof.  These areas include but are not limited to siding, awnings, decks, trees, or lawn areas.
  • Solar panels must be standard black in color and any wires attached to the solar panel installation must be enclosed in conduit, painted or colored to match, the approved trim color for the specific property.
  • All requests to install, update, or alter a solar panel system must be submitted through a B&G request.
  • Technical drawings of exact solar panel placement must be included in all B&G applications requesting installation of solar panels.
  • The contractor used must be licensed and insured.
  • Homeowner acknowledges that a building permit may be required by local ordinances and all permits are the sole responsibility of the homeowner.
  • The homeowner is responsible for performing all engineering reviews, where applicable.
  • Homeowner must be a member in good standing.  This includes but is not limited to no liens, past due balances, or other pending legal action with the Round Hill Association.
  • Homeowner acknowledges that proper approval from the Round Hill Association will be obtained prior to the commencement of work.  Failure to secure proper approval(s) will result in a $1,000 penalty, up to including, the removal of unapproved and non-compliant work at the homeowner’s expense.
  • Homeowner acknowledges that the Round Hill Association is not party to any dispute between neighbors where a solar panel installation is considered to impede, obstruct, and/or causes damage to another homeowner’s property.

Please use the above regulations as official notice that solar panels are permissible and Building and Grounds applications may be submitted for approval effective immediately.