Exterior Property Maintenance

This is a friendly reminder that Round Hill residents need to start being mindful of the rules and regulations when it comes to the exterior of your property. Inspections have begun and we’re very reasonable and we understand the COVID situation, but somethings need to be addressed and are being outright neglected.

Here’s a list of things I’ve noticed walking around the neighborhood:

1. MOW YOUR LAWN. We are not going to be walking around with a ruler, but if your grass is knee high and sprouting… I’m talking to you. Related to this is weeds, dandelions, etc. Again no one is going to come by and count the dandelions, but if your lawn is more yellow than green… you need to do something about it. If you don’t know what to do, email us and we can help.

2. Bushes and hedges are way out of control and need to be neatly trimmed. If you have them under your front window, they need to be trimmed below the window.

3. Green mold, moss, scum, and/or other unsightliness growing on your home. Clean it off.

4. Missing shingles, siding, shingles, and/or trim. Yes we have had storms and there has been a lot of damage. If you’re in the process of fixing it that’s great, but the time to make repairs is not unlimited.

5. Parking on the roads. We’ve been very lenient on the parking rules, but parking in the road is simply not allowed because all roads are designated fire lanes. If your vehicle is half in your driveway, half in the road, it’s considered IN THE ROAD. This one is black, white non-negotiable, and you will be written $100 assessment and/or have your vehicle towed.

6. Basketball Hoops. You can have these for use in your driveway, but they cannot stay outside overnight. Put them in your garage or use the actual basketball court down on Chestnut.

7. Driveways need to be maintained, which means repair/replace/seal-coat. If you have weeds growing through your driveway or it hasn’t been sealed in years… this means you.

8. Visible street numbers. The number of your home needs to be visible from the road. How is the amazon guy (or first responders) going to know what number your house is if it is not there?

Round Hill property owners are accountable to their neighbors for keeping their properties maintained as it directly correlates to improved property values/quality of life. Please do your part and if you have any reasonable issue with that, please talk to us otherwise we will be out and about doing our best to make sure assessments are written accordingly.